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Rooms of Caravaggio and other famouse Masters

Room of Caravaggio
The room hosts three masterpieces by Caravaggio (the name of his birthplace. His real name was Michelangelo Merisi, 1571-1610): “Bacco”, “Il Sacrificio d’Isacco” and the “Medusa”.

Room of Bartolomeo Manfredi
The room houses some excellent canvases by Bartolomeo Manfredi, a close follower of Caravaggio from the 17th century: the “Tributo a Cesare”, “Cristo deriso”, “Disputa con i dottori” and the “Carità Romana”.

Room of Gherardo delle Notti
The room preserves an admirable selection of pictures by this Dutch artist from the 17th century, follower of Caravaggio. His real name was Gerard van Hornthorst, but it was Italianized into Gherardo delle Notti.
The works are: “Adorazione del Bambino”, “Cena con suonatore di liuto”, “Cena con sponsali” and “La Buonaventura”.

Room of the follower of Caravaggio (Caravaggeschi)
It houses some celebrated canvases by foreign and Italian followers of Caravaggio
By  Lo Spadarino (surname of Giovanni Antonio Galli, Roman school from the17th century): the “Convito degli Dei”.
By Matthias Stomer, a Dutch painter from the 17th century: the “Annunciazione”.
By Nicolas Regnier, a Flemish painter from the 17 century: the “Scena di gioco con indovina”.
By Giovan Francesco Rustici (1474-1554), a celebrated Florentine sculptor and painter: the “Morte di Lucrezia”.

Room of Guido Reni
At the present, this room is the last one in the Uffizi Gallery. It is dedicated to the illustrious Emilian painter Guido Reni, who was born in Bologna in 1575 and died in that town in 1642. The room preserves his remarkable canvases: “Davide con la testa di Golia”, the “Madonna col Bambino e S. Lucia e Maddalena” and the “Estasi di S. Andrea Cosimo”.

The art collection of the Uffizi Gallery is classified within the following rooms:

Rooms from 1 to 9

Rooms from 10 to 19

Rooms from 20 to 29

Rooms from 31 to 35

Rooms from 41 to 45

East Corridor

Second Corridor

West Corridor

Rooms of Caravaggio and other famouse Masters

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