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Uffizi Rooms From 41 to 45

Room 41st – Sala di Rubens 
This room preserves some wonderful paintings by Peter Paul Rubens and other Flemish and Spanish painters of his age. It hosts: two enormous canvases by Rubens describing some events of the life of King Enrich IV, as well as one of his masterpieces: the “Ritratto di Isabella Brandt”, wife of Rubens; the portrait of “Margherita di Lorena” by Anton Van Dyck; the portrait of “Galileo” by Justus Sustermans and the portrait of “Filippo IV di Spagna” by Diego de Velázquez.

Room 42nd – Sala della Niobe
This room is dedicated to the famous Greek myth of Niobe, a mortal woman, daughter of Tantalus and wife of Amphion, whose story is mentioned by Homer in “The Iliad” and by Sophocles in “Antigone”.
The room preserves many Roman copies of sculptures and funerary urns from the later Hellenistic age, most of them related to the myth of Niobe.
It hosts as well a marvellous painting by the Flemish Justus Suttermans (17th century): “Il giuramento del Senato Fiorentino a Ferdinando II de’ Medici”.

Room 43rd – Sala del Seicento italiano ed europeo
This room exhibits a part of the vast Medicean Italian and European painting collection from the 17th century. Other artworks of this age are hosted in the Galleria Palatina, in the Vasarian Passageway and in the rooms located on the first floor of the Galleria degli Uffizi.
The most remarkable canvases here exhibit are: “Venere, satiro ed amorini” and the “Autoritratto di profilo” by Annibale Carraci; the “Sibilla Samia” by Guercino (surname of Giovan Francesco Barbieri); the “Tributo della Moneta” by Bernardo Strozzi; the “Suonatore di Flauto” by Sigismondo Coccapani; “Vanitas” by Mattia Preti; the “Ritratto del Cardinale Agucci” by  Domenichino (surname of Domenico Zampieri) and “Due contadine ed un negro” by Justus Suttermans

Room 44th - Sala di Rembrandt e dei Fiamminghi del Seicento
It hosts some wonderful paintings by Rembrandt van Rijn, as well as by other Flemish artists of his age.
“Autoritratto da giovane”, “Autoritratto da vecchio” and “Il Rabbino” by Rembrandt; “La piazza del palazzo di città ad Amsterdam” by Jan van der Heyden; “Dama che accorda il liuto” by Gabriel Metsu; the “Riunione conviviale” and the “Riunione musicale” by Pieter Codde; “L’Avaro” by Hendrick Pot; the “Venditrice di fritelle” by Gerrit Dou; the “Ritratto di gentiluomo” and the “Ritratto di gentildonna” by Michiel Janz van Miereveldt and “Due vecchi a tavola” by Frans van Mieris The Elder.

Room 45th – Sala del Settecento italiano ed europeo:
This room preserves many Italian and European paintings from the 18th century.
Among them the most noteworthy are: the “Ritratto della Contessa di Chinchón” and the “Ritratto di María Teresa de Vallabriga a cavallo” by Francisco de Goya; the “Capriccio lagunare con una tomba”, the “Capriccio lagunare con casa e campanile”, the “Veduta del Palazzo Ducale di Venezia” and the “Veduta del Canal Grande” by Canaletto (surname of Giovanni Antonio Canal); “Rinaldo si specchia nello scudo di Ubaldo” and “Rinaldo abbandona Armida” by Giambattista Tiepolo; the “Fanciulla col volano” and the “Fanciullo col castello di carte” by Jean Baptiste Siméon Chardin.

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